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breathe easy wheezy

inhale    exhale     repeat

Now Available for Online and In Person Coaching

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Having been diagnosed with lung disease, I was in and out of the hospital numerous times. Going to the emergency room was a routine trip for me.  Being hospitalized with pneumonia multiple times was very traumatic. Even as a young child I didn't understand why the doctor(s) couldn't "fix" me. It was their job, right?

On my 20th birthday, I almost died due to a very severe asthma attack.  My friends called an ambulance (I don't remember the ride or the first week in the ICU) and off I went. Two weeks in the ICU (intensive care unit)  followed by two more weeks in the acute care unit.  A WHOLE MONTH in the hospital at age 20.  That left me with a lot of time to think.  I realized that I had to learn all I could about my lungs.  This set off a desire to become a respiratory therapist.  Eventually, my career would line up for me to teach pulmonary rehabilitation.  In teaching, I would become a student again. Putting into practice in my personal life all that I was teaching to my clients humbled me tremendously.

Upon discovering I had more control over my health, than I ever thought possible, is what led me to obtain a scholarship to become a Certified Health Coach.  My desire is to help as many people as possible to become the healthiest they can be.  When you're healthy you feel great!  So basically, I want to help people feel as good as possible.


Many different kinds of people including those with breathing problems, chronic disease, and anxiety will benefit from my Health Coaching.  

Click now for a free health history and to see if we are compatible for working together. 


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